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Welcome to Badjily.com

We make and sell beautiful breastfeeding aprons. Perfect for the nursing mother to cover up whilst feeding. We have a large range of different fabrics, which we are constantly updating! All aprons come lovingly wrapped so make a wonderful baby shower present or great gift for the mother to be! A Badjily.com breastfeeding apron really is the perfect addition to any changing bag!

All About Us

We are Badjily.com. A couple of mothers, who have decided to make beautiful things from home, while our children are growing.

We have eight children between us and thought, no one's going to look after our broods while we go out to work, so we decided to make use of our handicrafts and make beautiful and practical things to sell, from home.

We know with a newborn it can be hard enough keeping track of days never mind which breast you need to feed from next! So this is just one way to make the early days and months a little bit easier! Just pop it on the side you've just fed from or the one you want to feed from next time, which ever way suits you. 

Contact Us

Do you have a question about our products? Swing by our store or get in touch with us today - our staff is happy to assist you with anything you need.

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I bought one of your covers when I was expecting - it was brilliant. I've bought several others for friends as they are such lovely (and useful!) gifts for expectant Mums and come beautifully wrapped. I also love the fact that they are made by Mums who saw on opportunity to improve what was on the market (these are in a great range of light, attractive, washable fabrics - some of the others on the market are in thick, heavier cottons - and are very expensive). The only challenge is choosing what pattern to go for! : )


The breastfeeding cover is absolutely beautiful and the service is amazing. It was delivered to me within two days of purchase in beautiful packaging. Thank you


Facebook is full of images of breastfeeding mums looking beautiful with barely any skin showing. I haven't seen any pics at the start of the feed where the little darling can't find the nipple despite it being under their nose or that bit in the middle where you have to change sides. I love this apron it's big enough to do all the things you need to do when breastfeeding. It can be put on and removed without disturbing baby. Therefore you can get baby latched on tuck yourself in then whip the apron off and look like that perfect image of a breastfeeding mum or you can keep it on for the whole feed.

Mhairi McLaren